Uncover tales of torture, death and plots and come face to face with Southampton's ghostly past in the city's most popular theatrical past.

Once the hustle and bustle of Southampton's busy streets fall quiet, the city's haunted past comes to life. 

You'll discover a blood-curdling account of the Kings guard who met his fate defending the city during the city's medieval period and find out about the chilling death of Sir John Dawtrey, the rich merchant behind the historic Tudor House.

And if that's not enough, hear the gruesome events that took place during the French raids which resulted in several deaths.

We will take you around the old town sharing the eerie accounts of well-known venues including The Merchants hall, Red Lion which boasts an impressive 21 ghosts, the Dolphin Hotel and so much more.

But watch out, because lurking in the shadows are some of Southampton's most notorious ghosts and they are ready to cause a scream......or two....

Prepare for an event like never before and take on Southampton Ghost Tours!


Southampton Ghost Tours is the city's most popular ghost tour and has entertained audiences and guests from around the world including the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, the United States, Canada and even locals!

Southampton Ghost Tours created and maintained an impressive reputation in the city appearing on TV and Radio and in newspapers including Womans Own, The Daily Echo, The Mirror and Telegraph.

Our tours are theatrical tours that include live actors and plenty of scares whilst showcasing Southampton's rich history. We have worked with The Dolphin Mercure Hotel, Titanic Pub, See Southampton, Southampton Council, Tudor house, The vaults and many more.

Our tours have also won several awards including six Southampton Star awards (3 in 2020 and 3 in 2021), two Prestige Awards, two TripAdvisor awards and an SME award in 2021.

Many of the stories used on the tours were researched and experienced by our team. In fact, one of our hosts features in the book 'Haunted Southampton'.